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I am trying to knit a blanket from your blankets hats and booties book. The one I am working on is pictured in green on page 20 with hat and booties. The instructions say to cast on 206 stitches but when I work the pattern I do not have enough. I count 218 stitiches needed what am I doing wrong?

Kristin Spurkland

Let's see if I can break this down.
206 CO. Then, 5sts per edge for the borders (10sts total);(cable chart,lace chart)3 times (168 sts total); then the cable chart one more time (28 sts). That equals 206 sts.
I'm not sure where you might be adding an extra 12 sts.
Please email me at kristin@kristinspurkland.com if you are not able to figure things out.

Beth John

How's the dress coming? I have a dream of knitting an entire person, maybe I'll make that my goal next year, too late for this year....

Kristin Spurkland

At this point, dress exists in my head only, but it looks lovely!
October is dress knitting month, if all goes to plan.
You should definitely knit an entire person. I look forward to the unveiling late 2012.


I remember the third design. my Mom used to get that magazine. Now I wish I had that pattern! I love embroidery and knitting. Love those projects you featured.

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